BETA. The service is in beta. Reconciliation period and fees may vary. Keep this in mind, especially if you have a deadline.
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Live 1-on-1 consultation on programming and infrastructure

An experienced developer will help you with your current project, review your code, and answer all of the questions that you can't figure out online.

How it works >

€30 for 30 minutes*

* — beta price. You can set the time in 15-minute increments and the price updates accordingly.
Advice on issues with your current project
Thorough code review
Help establishing, organizing, and expanding project infrastructure
Interview preparation and rehearsal
Answers to your burning questions
Request a consultation
Your request
Unfortunately, as we're beta testing this service, we can't guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled.

Qualified help from professional programmers

All of the expert developers available for consultation sessions are also mentors on You can verify their expertise, read more about their experience, and find reviews from their students in their profiles.
Ruby and Ruby on Rails experts
Ruby on Rails, SPA
Ruby, Ruby on Rails
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, DevOps
Ruby on Rails
Front End and JavaScript experts
JavaScript, Node.js, Responsive web-design
JavaScript, SPA, Angular, Meteor
Python and Django experts
Python, Django, JavaScript, Vue.js
Python, Django, Elasticsearch, Rest-API
DevOps, Python
How it works
You leave a request
You send a request with a detailed description of your problem or a topic of conversation and pick the dates that work for you.
We pick a mentor for your consultation
We choose a mentor for the consultation who best suits your needs and will be able to help you with your problem. If you want to talk to a particular mentor, you can choose one from the list above.
Set the date and time
We organize the date and time of the consultation, according to your needs and the mentor's availability.
You pay
You pay for the planned consultation, 30 minutes costs €30. You can purchase a longer or shorter time slot by adding or subtracting time in 15-minute increments. If you prefer, we can evaluate your consultation topic and estimate how much time you will need.
You have a 1-on-1 conversation with the mentor
At the agreed time, you will receive a link which allows you to contact the developer and begin the consultation.
Time to start?
Get a live consultation from an experienced developer


We have compiled answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any remaining questions after reading, please let us know by chatting via the button in the lower right corner.
What exactly do I pay for?
You pay for an opportunity to have a conversation with an IT expert, ask questions, and get clear explanations of time-tested solutions.
Can you guarantee that my questions will be answered?
We always want to be sure that the consultation topic you've chosen is within the mentor's scope of competence. This is why we ask you to provide the most detailed description of your problem. If it turns out that we can't find the mentor ready to answer your questions, we'll cancel the consultation. Usually, we are able to find someone who can help you.
What if I don't like the answer I get?
We can't be certain that you'll like the "diagnosis" that you get. We can only guarantee that our mentors know what they're talking about.
Can I get a consultation immediately?
Unfortunately, for now you can't. We're still beta testing the service and looking for the perfect way to manage it. In the future, the service will be automatic, but for now you need to leave a request for us to process.
I pay for 15 minutes, but what if I get everything I need in 2?
The minimum time is 15 minutes, which also covers the preparation and organization expenses. It might become possible to change the minimum time once we've finalized the whole process. For now, try to make sure that you are prepared take full advantage of every minute that you pay for.
What if I need more time than I've paid for?
Right now, we're sorting out any issues after the consultation ends. Our system tracks the consultation length automatically. If you exceed the prepaid time limit, we'll ask you pay the difference afterward